Wood Doors in Chicago Bespoke Beauty, Strength and Resilience

Finding the perfect door for your exterior and the interior can be a challenging task. If you explore the market, you’ll find that doors exist in various shapes, sizes, materials, and styles to match your taste.

From steel doors and aluminum doors right down to PVC and fiberglass, the market allows homeowners to sift through millions of excellent options---one of which is wood doors. With an exquisite appearance paired with its flexible design, these long-lasting doors are the perfect way to enhance your home’s value and aesthetics.

No matter if you’re on a shoe-string budget, you can count on finding the perfect wood door. Here, we discuss the good and the not-so-good parts of purchasing a wooden door:

What are Wood Doors?

Did you know that the wood door market has measured revenue of $12.4 billion? This shows the rapid growth of the wood door industry due to changing market trends and customer behavior.

Wood is one of the most eco-friendly framing materials available. They’re both a renewable source and an added value to your home. Wooden doors are perfect as interior and exterior doors and boast excellent aesthetic value.

The Benefits of Wood Doors

Here’s what makes wood doors the top choice among homeowners:

It is a Good Insulator

Wood is a natural and super durable material made to withstand various severe environmental conditions. As a result, the natural composition of this material remains unaffected by changes in temperature.

As a poor conductor of heat, wooden doors are excellent insulators. You can further enhance their strength and durability by adding a coat of paint.

With the extreme weather of Chicago, it can be challenging to pinpoint the perfect door to fight off natural calamities. Luckily, this high-quality material is air-tight, ensuring that no warm air escapes from your home during the winter season. In this way, they also help you save costs on utility doors.

One additional benefit of wooden doors is that they are soundproof! Enjoy sleeping peacefully at night without worrying about disturbances from the outside world.

Resistant to Corrosion

Wood is well-known for boasting rust-free properties. Typically, your exterior doors are subjected to corrosive environmental elements. If you want to ensure your exterior and interior doors remain rust-free and last long, you should go for wood.

This cost-effective door option is not only rust-free but also combats the effects of wind, snow, ice, and rain for years.

Longer Lifespan

Most people select wood because of its durability. Like we mentioned above, wood doors are rust-free and resilient. Because of these features, wooden doors typically last longer than others doors, provided you maintain them regularly.

Moreover, compared to other options like aluminum or iron, wood doors are cost-effective and last longer. All you need is the perfect maintenance plan, and you can count on them to last for years and years.

Beautiful Look

Wooden doors are super versatile, meaning that their sizes, wood type, and design can be tailored to meet your home and aesthetic needs.

The fact is that each type of wood boasts a different natural color that makes the door unique. Moreover, these doors can be painted to achieve a color that matches your décor.

One benefit of wooden doors is finding light wood, dark wood, tight grain, wide grain, simplicity, and intricate design to meet your style. Apart from the coloring option, wooden doors allow homeowners to choose between different sizes as well.

From modern barn doors right down to Victorian archtops, you can add some extra accents to your house with these doors. Made out of various trees like maple, cedar, juniper, and so on, these doors provide your home a sense of uniqueness and style.

Safe and Secure

Another excellent advantage of owning a wooden door is the added security features that come with it. These doors are super strong and the advanced designs and constructions throughout the years mean they have a longer lifespan.

But that’s not all! Your wooden door features easy maintenance, security, and durability.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Not only do wooden doors boast fantastic craftsmanship, but these sustainable doors are also super easy to repair. Not to mention, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money to maintain these doors.

On top of that, it is super easy to add a fresh coat of paint to your wooden door, as well as to remove stains that no longer match your taste. Plus, if your door gets scratches, you can follow a simple maintenance plan to remove them. Low maintenance demands of wooden doors make it a popular choice among homeowners and homebuyers alike.

The Disadvantages of Choosing Wood Doors

The advantages of timber greatly outweigh the cons, but it would be unfair to discuss only the pros. So, let’s focus on the downside of selecting a wood door:

  • Wood doors are typically more expensive. Being at the higher end of the price scale, homeowners pay a considerable amount to own these doors. However, these require fewer replacements, thus helping you save in the long run.
  • If your wood door ends up absorbing a significant amount of water, it may start rotting.
  • These may suffer from termite exposure as well.

The Bottom Line

Before you enter the timber market, you must learn that you can choose between two various types. You can select solid wood doors manufactured from a single piece of wood offering continuous construction.

Or you can find engineered wood that boasts different outer and inner layers. The inner layer is typically manufactured from cheaper wood, whereas the outer layer is made of expensive, captivating wood pieces.

If you aim to buy a brand new wooden door, make sure you get it from a reputable company. Seek premium quality interior and exterior wooden doors to match your needs and taste.