What is the delivery time for the front door?

The production time for doors is 8-12 weeks.

How can I measure the hole in the wall for door installation?

The picture shows the dimensions of the door with the frame and how to measure the opening for door installation. Please take the measure from the floor "tile or wooden panel" inside the house to the top brick level.
The space for the door installation should be between a minimum 5mm / 0.2"  to 20mm / 0.8" larger than the overall size of the door with the frame. This space is necessary as it should be filled with foam during the installation. This will also ensure insulation between the wall and the door frame.

How many years is the warranty on the front doors?

We offer a 5-year warranty.

What are the doors made of?

Our doors named PED are made of stainless steel. Inside are filled with foam and wood which is thermal insulation.
The door named ALU is made of aluminum. Inside are filled with foam which is thermal insulation.

What is the size of the door frame?

The size of the Premium Termo PED collection front door frame is 57mm / 2 ¼” inches

The size of the aluminium (ALU) front door frame is 3"

Do we do the installation of our front doors?

We offer installation in Chicago area as well as Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana.
Please contact us to confirm if we can install the door at your location and find out the costs.

What is the cost of delivery?

We deliver all our products for free in the US and CANADA. Delivery to Hawaii, Alaska delivery - $200 per item

Do we make a door in a different color than the colors on the website?

The door can be manufactured in any color from the RAL palette but it will cost extra. The delivery time of the door in a non-standard color will take 2 weeks longer.

Do you make doors higher than 208 cm / 82 inches?

Yes, we can produce metal single front doors up to 240 cm / 94.5 inches maximum. The door named PED can be up to 240 cm / 94.5 inches height and it will cost an extra.

Aluminium doors can be up to 2440 mm / 96.1 inches height.

Can the hinges, locks, and handles be black?

Yes, we can produce all our doors with hinges, locks, and handles in black color. However, there is an additional charge for the black hardware. 

What kind of glass is used in the front door?

All our doors are manufactured with triple glass which is tempered

How difficult is it to install our door?

We have a video on our website in category video showing step by step the process of installing our doors. The installation is very easy.

Are the doors delivered with a frame and locks?

Yes, our doors are delivered with frame and a set of locks. Each lock contains a set of 5 keys.

Can we install our own smart lock in the door?

Yes, you can install your own smart lock but we do not take any responsibility for it and we deliver our door with a standard lock.

How can I choose the door opening way?

Please check the drawing below. the person in this picture stands outside the building.

Where can I see your door already installed?

We have many customers in the US and Canada where you can see the door after installation. Please check the link HERE to see the portfolio of our doors after installation.

What the door threshold looks like for Power Euro Doors?

Dimensions and real pictures of the door threshold from our doors

What is the door jamb size?

The depth of our door jamb is:
Metal Doors: 2.5"
Aluminium Doors: 3"

How does the Electronic Opener T-bar work?

When you have a regular T-bar then once you exit the house you are unable to go back in without using a key. The electronic opener enables you to open the door without a key. It is connected to the small door latch in the door. Therefore, if you want to completely lock the door you have to use a key. From the frame there is a special wire that has to be connected to the electricity. It requires 12V.  I am sending you a video that presents how the electronic lock works:

Light permeability of the glass & How does one way mirror work?

Light permeability of the glass:
- Milk – frosted glass 89%
- One way mirror – 66 %
- Reflex glass – 34 %

One way mirror glass has a thin layer of reflective coating which allows the glass to reflect half the light that hits it. Simultaneously, half the light also goes straight through. This makes the glass both reflective and transparent. During the day, the outside is bright which means that people who are outside are not able to see what is inside the house. However, during the night when the light is on, the one-way mirror turns into a window. People are able to see through the glass both ways.

To solve the issue, one can apply the one-way vision foil. The foil consists of hundreds of small holes enabling light penetration, which gives the effect of semi-transmission. It is usually used for advertisement on buses or windows.

What is the RAL pallet color number?

RAL pallet colors you can check in the picture below.

What does the multi-point lock system for doors look like?