Modern Front Doors in Chicago to Revitalize Old Buildings

Renovating your entry door is a big part of remodeling a home for increased appeal. When making home improvements, one thing to keep in mind is the return on investment (ROI) of different projects. ROI refers to the added value of a remodel in comparison to the costs.

Now, if you’re replacing your entry door, it’s likely you’re wondering what value it adds to your home. According to an in-depth analysis by the “Remodeling Magazine,” remodeling your entry door boasts an average ROI of 74.9%.

This means that you can add up to three-quarters of the money spent back into your home’s value. In fact, you can intensify the added value depending on the type, material, style, and other adjustments you make.

Besides adding value, replacing your front door increases curb appeal and make your home look all the more welcoming. Let’s discuss the different modern front door materials and how you can spot the perfect door:

Best Materials for Front Doors 

The most crucial decision homeowners need to make when purchasing a front door is the material.

Typically, homeowners combine various materials, such as fiberglass, with a wooden frame to ensure a durable entryway. Let’s discuss the top material options for your front door:


Aluminum doors boast an insulation cover that makes them durable and sustainable. Typically, aluminum doors are custom-built to fit your entryway perfectly.

On top of that, aluminum doors are available in a plethora of different styles and colors. Choose between smooth and wood grain finishes to find the style that meets your tastes. Furthermore, choose between millions of paint colors and finishes to find the color and style of your dream.

Aluminum doors are comparatively more sustainable and, thus, cost higher as well.


One of the most popular door options, wood offers incomparable beauty and styling options. This versatile front door option boasts a plethora of enticing natural and custom finishes. It includes fire, maple, mahogany, oak, pine, cherry, and so on.

You can further enhance the look of these eye-catching finishes with the help of premium paint coating. In addition, you can personalize your wooden door with enrapturing glass accents, transoms, and sidelights.

However, one drawback of wood is that it may start warping due to exposure to the elements. In turn, your door may lose its air-sealing capabilities. Not to mention, wood is an expensive option.


Another popular exterior door option is fiberglass. Fiberglass-composite is rugged and completely maintenance-free, which makes it the ideal choice for humid and harsh climates.

Moreover, fiberglass resembles the look of wood doors, boasting a wood-grain texture. The best part? You can stain your door to mimic cherry, walnut, oak, and so on. A high-quality and intricately structured framework of wooden stiles and rails is hidden underneath the molded surface.

These affordable front doors allow homeowners to choose between an array of exciting colors, including, but not limited to, an elegant white, royal purple, lively green, and so on.


If your priority feature is security and longevity, steel is the way to go. Steel doors are more robust than wood and fiberglass. These doors will neither warp nor crack, but they may start rusting or denting.

Generally, steel doors boast a baked-on polyester finish with premium quality paint. However, you will likely have to repaint your door periodically. You may select a vinyl coating door to ensure better weather resistance. Last but not least, steel is the most inexpensive door option.

How to Select the Right Front Door?

The fact is that no other part of your home experiences as much exposure as your front door. For this reason, your front door says a lot about who you are. Here are the steps to choosing the right front door:


Keep in mind that your front door needs to fit in with the rest of your home. However, it does not mean that you can’t take up this opportunity to reflect yourself or be eccentric.

Sift through millions of options, including six-panel doors, those with sidelights and transom, or double doors with an arched glass to find the one that best matches your taste.


The standard size for a single door is 32 to 36-inches wide. If your entryway boasts a standard size, you can go for the average measurements. However, if your entrance is expansive, you may require double doors, an extra-wide single door, and so on.

Plus, your entryway may include ornamental accents like glazed transom or sidelights to offer adequate and robust framing.


Typically, modern doors are manufactured from high-quality wood, fiberglass, or steel.

While wood offers a wide variety of beautiful designs, it’s generally more expensive. At the same time, fiberglass offers durability and cost-effectiveness, whereas steel provides excellent efficiency.


Just like the other replacements in your home, purchasing a front door requires an up-front and long-term cost. Before making a purchase, be sure to consider the energy efficiency, life expectancy, and maintenance requirements of the door you select.

These factors help determine the long-term costs of maintaining your entryway.

To Sum it Up

The first thing passersby notice about your home is its curb appeal. An updated front door intensifies the competition and helps you make the most out of selling your property.

Replacing your front door also assists you in adding a splash of color to your home. Repaint your doors with vibrant and attention-grabbing colors, ranging from a classy black and contemporary white, right down to a sleek navy blue or an eye-catching red.

With a brand new, modern front door, you can get rid of your home’s old worn-out look. Enhance your curb appeal and update your home’s appearance with the help of the perfect modern front door replacement!