Front Doors in Milwaukee: How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

Are you looking to spruce up your Milwaukee entryway?  If you would like to create a classy and notable exterior, it is time to brighten up your Milwaukee home’s exterior by choosing the right front door. There is no doubt that a front door is important as it keeps homeowners in Milwaukee secure and warm while showing off their property’s unique style and personality.

This is why when it is time to replace your entry door, you should take your time to carefully choose the best front door for your home?  But wait. How can you do that? Read on to find out.


Did you know that nowadays, front doors are typically made from three different materials (or some combination of these three materials)? These materials are wood, steel, and fiberglass.  When choosing a front door, note that all three materials have their unique pros and cons.

For example, while wooden Milwaukee doors are beautiful and luxurious, they also need more upkeep. Also, keep in mind that wood is sensitive to wetness and moisture, which can cause a wood door to easily crack, warp, and even change shape.

As the material of a door is responsible for its durability, it must be sufficiently strong to bear everyday wear and tear. Also, the material usually sets the budget for your entry door.

Picking a Color

Color is another crucial consideration when choosing a front door. Note that if you choose a color based mainly on its appearance in the store, the color may look quite different once it is on your front door. This is because paint samples usually appear different depending on the specific lighting they are in.

You will be happy to know that a neutral hue, like brown or black, will often withstand the test of time. Did you know that even navy blues and deep reds are classic entry door colors that also act as neutrals?

If you want to make a bold statement or invoke emotion, note that red may be the most suitable color for you. This is because it conveys strength and power and creates a vibrant entryway to your Milwaukee home.

It is best to take paint samples home and then view them outdoors. After choosing a front door color for your home, test the paint on the door. This is important as it will allow you to see the paint at various times of the day.


You will find various types of Milwaukee doors at different price points. So, you have to set a budget for your entry door so that you don’t go overboard or overspend while choosing one.

As your front door is a long-term investment, it is vital to explore all factors, like the style, material, color, and shape of your entry door. You should also check if the entry door you are buying requires high maintenance. Furthermore, do not make the mistake of ignoring all installation costs.


it is worth noting that a standard single door is usually 32 to 36-inch wide. Is your entryway standard? If it is not, it will likely require something bigger, such as a 42-inch extra-wide single door. You will also find double doors.


The front door of your Milwaukee home should ideally reflect your home’s unique architectural style while playing up your personality.  But how can you determine what that reflection maybe? First, you should figure out the specific style of your house.  Is it traditional or modern? Is it colonial or Victorian?

You should not confine style to what you want personally. The style of your front door should revolve around what looks great and is in harmony with your Milwaukee home. For example, if you like the classic and natural look of wood-grained doors, you will find fiberglass entry doors with top-class woodgrain finishes.

You can also check around your Milwaukee neighborhood houses in order to get some style ideas. It is an excellent way to know the most dominant style in your area.

Finishing Options

Note that even with the same entry door, different finishing options are likely to have quite different effects on your curb appeal. Experiment with different options in order to find the perfect look for your new entry door with many stains and paint colors.


You will be happy to know that in terms of security, most modern entry doors are fairly equal when it comes to strength. This is true whether they are made of wood, steel, or fiberglass.

However, where they often fail is the locking mechanism. It is essential to look for an entry door with a sturdy deadbolt that is one-inch long (at least) and has a reinforced metal strike plate.

If you pick a front door for your home that includes either a window or side window, make sure the armored glass features a double certification.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the type of material or color you choose for your entry door, your front door should be welcoming and greet your family and guests with its elegance and warmth. Now you know the basics needed to order a front door. However, there may be some special circumstances, so make sure you discuss your project with an experienced and qualified salesperson.

You should discuss any special jamb requirements, special door sizes, or unique flooring before placing the order. It is important to pay attention to little details when choosing a front door for your Milwaukee house or apartment.