Milwaukee Exterior Doors: Different Materials and Designs

Exterior doors play an integral role in defining the security, comfort, and appearance of your home. Therefore, no matter if you're getting a brand new home or modernizing your old one, selecting the perfect exterior door is one of the critical decisions you have to make.

A significant amount of your home's elevation depends on your home's windows and doors. Moreover, the look and appeal of your home primarily depend on your exterior door. For this reason, you need to consider various factors into account.

One of the main features you should focus on is the material of your door. From fiberglass right down to steel, there's a wide range of different types of materials to choose from. Let's take a closer look at each:

The Different Types of Exterior Doors

To make the right choice of exterior doors, you must understand the unique features and benefits of each. Here, we discuss the top types of front doors to consider:

Wood Doors

Wood is every homeowner's number once door choice. It is because the look and feel of wooden front doors are unparalleled to other entry doors.

Wood doors offer homeowners top-notch security and are super durable. Plus, you can enjoy painting and staining your entry door in a variety of different attractive colors.

The downside of wood doors, however, is that these are expensive. They also require regular maintenance.

Steel Doors

If you're looking to enhance the security factor of your home, you should consider installing a steel door. According to in-depth research, about 34% of burglars break in from the front door.

Steel entry doors offer maximum security from weather elements and robbers. Steel doors are typically inexpensive, more durable, and stronger than other materials. Moreover, the core insulation of steel doors is energy-efficient and weather-resistant, which safeguards your home from elements and decreases the chances of warping.

Compared to other materials, steel doors require very little maintenance. However, these doors are typically susceptible to scratches or dents.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum front doors are typically used as storm doors or patio doors. However, they can also be used as standard entry doors.

Aluminum doors are typically durable and resilient since they neither rust nor require repainting. For this reason, manufacturers and suppliers offer extended warranties lasting up to 20 years.

If you install an aluminum door as a front door, you can customize it to fit your framework perfectly.  These doors are low maintenance as well. However, the only downside of aluminum doors is that they are expensive.

Wrought Iron Doors

Another popular door material that homebuyers choose is wrought iron. Typically, these are used as entry doors and patio doors to boost the property's aesthetic and curb appeal.

On top of that, it accommodates add-ons and custom glass panes to bathe your rooms in natural light. Plus, these super durable iron doors offer maximum security. You can also benefit from weather-proofing features that ensure your door can last for years in severe weather.

In addition, wrought iron doors are incredibly energy-efficient, helping homeowners lower their utility bills. As long as you match with the right contractor, you can easily decide which material best caters to your home, depending on your weather, style preferences, and location.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are becoming more and more popular since these doors are both durable and energy-efficient. Moreover, fiberglass doors neither warp, rot nor expand.

On top of that, fiberglass front doors are available in an extensive range of finishes, such as wood grain, metallic hues, and so on. As a result, you can enjoy the beauty and look of wood entry doors without spending hours on maintenance.

Since fiberglass doors boast foam core insulation, they help ensure heated and cooled air doesn't escape your home. Furthermore, fiberglass entry doors are resistant to dents and scratches that arise because of weather elements and daily traffic.

Glass Doors

A fantastic alternative to wood doors, glass doors are typically used as patio doors to accentuate the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Glass doors provide homeowners with a fantastic and clear view of the outside world. Plus, they allow more natural light inside.

However, the best part about installing a glass door is low maintenance and better aesthetic appeal. Plus, you can enjoy customizing it according to your tastes.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors form a significant part of the entry door and windows market. Vinyl doors are typically robust and energy-efficient. As a result, homeowners can enjoy saving on heating and cooling bills.

Moreover, vinyl doors are some of the most inexpensive door choices. Consequently, they quickly meet any budget. It helps reduce the cost of installation as well. You can enjoy choosing from a wide range of color options that are typically scratch-resistant. These super-durable doors are made to last years and you can customize them easily.

Tips to Remember When Purchasing an Exterior Door

Typically, entry doors make a first and lasting impression on your guests. After all, an appealing and sturdy entrance implies a beautiful and well-constructed house. Therefore, you want to make sure your entry door looks beautiful and elegant to make a lasting impression.

Here's a comprehensive guide to purchasing the ideal entry door to accentuate the beauty of your home:

  • Check if your door's showing any signs of decay or damage
  • Understand the various exterior door terminologies
  • Create a long-lasting first impression with the ideal front door installation
  • Consider installing a beautiful patio door
  • Install a storm door to fight off severe winds in Milwaukee
  • Sift through additional hardware to enhance the look of the exterior door

Final Verdict

According to in-depth research, the exterior door market is expected to reach a whopping revenue of $107,954 million by 2023. It shows a remarkable growth of 7.5% CAGR from 2017 to 2023.

Entry doors are typically fitted on the front gate of your entrance to enhance your room's security and beauty. You can also benefit from various incredible features like energy efficiency, high durability and sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, you can choose the right front door according to your preference and taste. From contemporary Mediterranean and Modern doors right down to elegant Victorian and Colonial doors, you can choose from an array of exciting styles as well!