Exterior Doors in Chicago: Guide to Understanding Different Types of Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are an efficient and effective way of setting the tone for your home. It is the first thing others notice about you when they enter your home. Therefore, it is the best way of reflecting on who you are.

Exterior doors are fantastic to boost your home's curb appeal. The wide variety of styling and coloring options makes exterior doors all the more popular. In fact, according to in-depth research Exterior Doors Market in 2016 was $65,327 million and is expected to notice a booming growth and reach $107,954 million by 2021.

If you're considering upgrading your home's look with the help of the perfect Chicago exterior door, it's a good idea to do some reading beforehand. Here, we will discuss the different types of exterior doors and the pros of each:

Different Types of Exterior Doors 

Exterior doors come in a plethora of different styles. Moreover, entry, patio, and storm doors further fall into different style categories. Let's take a closer look:

Entry Doors

Your front door plays an integral part in defining your home's curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security.  Entry doors are available in wood, fiberglass, and steel to match your needs.

Moreover, you can enhance your entry door's appearance with the help of decorative glass and hardware. Let's dive deeper into entry door variations:

Different Types of Entry Doors 

These are as follows:

Wood entry doors are a superior door option, offering homeowners the perfect mix of security and durability—all at a super affordable price alongside an array of enrapturing paint and finish options.

Fiberglass entry doors are growing in popularity as an increasing number of homeowners recognize their durability and energy-efficiency benefits. Plus, it doesn't warp, expands, or rot!

Steel entry doors offer energy efficiency, maximum security, and strength. Moreover, you can sift through fascinating paint colors.

Why Choose an Entry Chicago Door?

Here's why you need an entry Chicago door:

  • Entry doors boast heavy-duty and highly durable construction. It means that your door will be resilient, strong, and weather-resistant.
  • Entry doors are designed to perform optimally, as well as help you save on yearly costs. With E-glass coating, weather-stripping, and polyurethane foam core, you can enjoy a leak-proof entryway.
  • Combined with state-of-the-art tech, entry doors offer maximum security. Enjoy excellent safety and comfort within your home.
  • Choose between a wide variety of colorful options and fantastic designs to enhance your home's aesthetic.

Patio Doors

Furthermore, beautify your patio or deck's look with the help of ideal patio doors. You can choose between two fantastic options, sliding patio doors, and French patio doors, to ensure easy access and elegance:

Different Types of Patio Doors 

Let's discuss these in-depth:

Sliding patio doors operate in a similar way as sliding windows, offering excellent ventilation. These are available in various materials, so they provide superior security, styling options, finishes, and durability.

French patio doors can open either outward or inwards, depending on your preference. Plus, these give your home an elegant and sophisticated look. You can choose between various material choices here as well.

Why Choose a Patio Chicago Door?

Here's why Patio doors are an excellent addition to your home:

  • This helps enhance the security within your home and keeps you and your family members safe at all times.
  • You can easily find materials that offer little to no maintenance. Plus, they won't fade away!
  • Make your outdoor space look all the more beautiful with the help of the perfect patio door. Choose between exquisite finishes and bright colors to make your home look even more fantastic.

Storm Doors

Residents in Chicago need to install resilient and robust storm doors to enhance the look and protection of their homes. Let's gauge the advantages and materials of this exterior door option:

Different Types of Storm Doors 

A storm door may be of the following types:

Steel storm doors are super tough and neither crack nor rot.

Composite storm doors offer incredible energy efficiency and protection from weather calamities and elements.

Aluminum doors provide excellent protection as well.

Why Choose a Storm Chicago Door?

The pros of selecting a storm door include:

  • Storm doors are super sustainable and robust to ensure they can withstand harsh storms.
  • Storm doors feature a revolutionary design that offers all family members maximum protection.
  • Why compromise looks for safety when storm doors offer both? Enjoy the best of both worlds by selecting an eye-catching storm door.

What to Look for in an Exterior Door?

Make sure you select the ideal exterior door by asking yourself the following questions:

What Style of Door do I Want?

Front doors come in impressive variety as expansive as home architectural style. It means that regardless of whether you're searching for a vintage wood door or a contemporary multi-light door, you can easily find something that matches your taste.

No matter what style you choose, you should consider three integral factors when purchasing a new exterior door:

Energy Efficiency 

High-quality front doors help protect homeowners from the elements. If you're seeking an energy-efficient door, look for a label that indicates whether the door meets standards by the US Department of Energy.


Sift through millions of eye-catching designs, vibrant hues, and attractive styles to find the door that best matches your style.


Doors are your home's entry point, the place via which you, family members, and guests enter your home. Ensure they are the only ones who can gain access to your home by equipping your door with revolutionary safety features. For instance, special locks, unexposed hinges, and so on ensure you feel comfortable and safe.

Which Material is the Best?

As of now, fiberglass, wood, and steel are the top choices among homeowners. Depending on your budget and needs, you can select one of the many materials.

Where fiberglass is low maintenance and energy efficient, steel doors are cost-effective and long-lasting. Lastly, wood is customizable and super aesthetic.

To Sum it Up 

Exterior doors are available in an array of exciting colors and designs. Finding the perfect Chicago exterior door that caters to your housing needs and matches your home's decor can be a challenging task.

However, once you figure out your exterior door needs, realize your personal choices, and select the perfect material, the process will become a lot easier. Upgrade your home's security, energy efficiency, and appeal by installing the right door.