Exterior Doors California

European Exterior Doors California

If you’ve decided the time is now for a new entrance door for your California home or business, and you’re looking for something that will not only stand out, but also be dependable, Power Euro Doors is your destination.  Our massive inventory includes doors in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes with options sure to fit your needs, taste, and pocketbook. 

You’ll be able to view options from aluminum slabs to red or black wood.  Our customer service team will assist you in ordering and fulfilling your custom door.  Many installers view European style doors as the best choice in exterior doors.  That assessment is based on the quality that comes from steel reinforced uPVC frames and composite insulated panels providing maximum durability.

What to look for in European style front entry doors California 

So your California home is getting a brand new European-style front door.  You’ve wisely made that choice, now it’s time for customization.  Some of your next options will hinge on door size and your budget.  In any case, whether you opt for a modern exterior front door or classic look, your California door must be air tight and durable.  Our quality workmanship virtually guarantees a maintenance-free experience.  But these aren’t your only concerns.  Ease of use is important too and with lower thresholds (¾ inch from the frame bottom), children and seniors find our doors simpler to use.

To protect your home and your family, secure front doors must be burglar-proof. Security is foremont in design concepts as well, and multi-point locking systems are available. The best doors are made of high-quality materials with an exceptional hinge system.  Our doors come with a classification level of RC 2, the present European standard.

Prehung vs. slab modern entry doors California

European style doors have two main components: the slab and the frame/hinge mechanism. In fact, it’s these parts that make it a prehung door.  Prehungs will normally have a sealant in the frame.  You obviously want a tight seal, in order to maximize energy efficiency, sound proofing, and protection from all the dust, wind, and moisture the California climate throws our way. Here is where there is definitely a cost benefit to what you spend.  Inexpensive doors will not yield the same protections.  American doors can be less expensive, but the styles and materials used to build them differ substantially and may not meet the standards you expect. 

Best contemporary doors California

The finest exterior doors are composites, or made from more than one material.  Because European doors California materials come from premium sources, you can be sure that your door will be of the highest quality.  Galvanized and plastic-coated steel, stainless steel, uPVS, and insulation are all part of our custom designs.  We have a solution for your dream door.

Best European style doors California have an insulation rating of R 10+. Power Euro Doors provides 2 inch insulation panels, which improves our rating to 12. Thicker and higher quality insulation improves energy efficiency and saves you money over the life of your door.

Modern European front doors California can be more expensive than you think.  Style, size and materials all factor into the cost. The median price is normally around $1,000 - $3,000.  That means there’s a lot of options that will be less than a grand, fitting into most people’s budgets.  On the other hand, if money is no object to you, we can design options over $50,000 if you're in the market for custom made, fully glazed wooden doors. 

A style for everyone 

Aside from maybe landscaping or the house's exterior color, one of the first things someone is likely to notice about your home is the front door.  What do you want your front door to say about you?  Do you want to make a statement or do you prefer a more subtle touch?  Is uniqueness important or are you more of a conformist?  However loud or reserved you want your door to be, we have the option you’re looking for.

With our European door designers' wealth of experience, they’re sure to have ideas that will resonate with you.  Our endless options of styles, colors, shapes and textures will provide the perfect choice to fit your home.  From classic to modern and simple to intricate, our fine woods,metals, and glass will combine to radiate the class and elegance you expect from this type of investment.  People are surprised how much a simple change, like a new front door can change how the exterior of their home is perceived.  We are sure you’ll be pleased. 

European style front doors are solid, impeccable, and enduring.  They are a magnificent way to embrace European culture, while also adding special character to your home or business.  It’s no surprise that their popularity continues to rise.  Our designs are able to maintain Europe’s traditions while still providing the modern necessities of energy efficiency, sound proofing, security, and insulation.  It really is the perfect blend of technology and heritage.  Whatever part of the continent touches your heart, be it a slim and tall Mediterranean appearance, classic double entry French doors, or the appeal and rustic feel of old Tuscany, we can fit the perfect door for your space.  Your door can complement or contrast with any existing motif. Euro Power Doors will see to it that you are pleased with your selection.

Glazing and modern European doors 

One of our special features is glazing the glass inside your door.  It’s one more add-on that can add some unique charm to your door.  Single pane, multi-pane or sidelights are all options.  If you can imagine it, we can probably do it.  Other customers have chosen decorative glazings including clear, colored, matte, fogged, laminated, safety, or tinted.  We also have colors that will make your creativity pop!

Advantages of European Exterior Doors California

We want your front door to last years.  So as much as we appreciate your business, we know we may not see you again for a while.  That’s why it’s so important we help you get this choice right the first time. The good news is that European style doors are dependable and long lasting, while also staying in style.  Finding the door that suits your particular taste is our mission.  We’ll work within your taste and budget to get you the perfect door.

Benefits of European style doors include: 

  • Newest technologies
  • High insulation values
  • Sound proofing 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Multi-point locking system 
  • Durability and security 
  • Reinforcement choices 
  • An array of glazing options
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance

Euro Power Doors is your go-to business for modern front doors California shopping. We have the experience and passion to help you put the ideal door on your home or business.  Choosing our contemporary doors not only adds character to your home, but quality too.   We specialize in molding the old world with new style to attain the look you desire. Call or email us today to find out more or schedule a consultation.