Commercial Doors in Milwaukee: What are the different types?

Selecting the perfect door for your business or brand can be a daunting and challenging task. From an elegant double glass door right down to a secure and attractive aluminum door, you can choose from many options.

Luckily, you can turn to commercial doors for exterior and interior solutions. Choose the perfect commercial door for your medical facility or shopping plaza by spending a couple of minutes figuring out your door needs.

Once you figure out the features that you prioritize, it will be a lot easier for you to make the decision. To make the process easy for you, we’ve discussed the top types of commercial doors down below:

The Top 5 Major Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are manufactured specifically to meet the demands of commercial buildings. Moreover, commercial doors are available in a wide range of materials to cater to your business’s unique needs.

In addition, depending on whether you need your commercial door for an office, a medical institution, or industries, commercial doors may be of different types and boast various features. Let’s discuss the top five different types of commercial doors:


A wood door is manufactured from thin veneer, lumber, and processed mineral particles to provide you with a solid and durable entryway.

One of the leading types of doors, wood provides your office with a homey look. Unfortunately, despite their beautiful appeal, these doors can be challenging to maintain. It is because wooden doors may get damaged due to increased rough use, wear and tear, direct contact with sunlight, wind, and water.

If your office experiences less sunlight, water, and rain, you should consider choosing wood to enhance the look of your office.


Steel doors are typically hollow and include a sheet of steel tied securely around an inner material. Typically, steel doors combine metal sheets, steel stiffeners, and foam insulation to provide you with excellent quality doors.

If your priority is security and protection, you should install a steel door. It is because steel doors provide business owners with an incredible level of security and safety.

Steel doors are typically heavier; however, they are also super durable and long-lasting.


Commercial aluminum doors are typically installed in the entryway to enhance the look and feel of your office. These doors are a fantastic business choice since they offer your office a sleek and elegant look.

Further, accentuate the classiness of your aluminum door by choosing a powder-coating or a paint coat of your choice. From metallic hues to vibrant shades, you can easily make your office look livelier with the right color choice.

Moreover, aluminum doors require little to no maintenance, thus saving you the trouble of investing time and money in them. One con of commercial aluminum door is its fire-rating, i.e., merely an hour.


Commercial glass doors are typically found in the interior of offices to provide a prepossessing and easy view from the building.

Moreover, these doors allow natural light to enter your office and help create a professional and sophisticated ambiance. Since glass doors allow products inside the stores to be seen, brick and mortar stores often select these as their exterior.

Due to its fragility, glass is often not fire-rated and does not allow users to install several security systems.


If you’re seeking a low-maintenance door, consider choosing fiberglass. Made from plastic and fine glass fibers, these doors are super durable and sustainable.

Due to its low replacement and repair costs, fiberglass is perfect for spaces that experience wet climate, damage, staining, and scratches. These doors are cost-effective and can withstand use and abuse.

What are the Different Structures of Commercial Doors?

Commercial doors are available in two exciting structures. These include:

Commercial Overhead Doors

Typically used for garages, warehouses, and industries, commercial overhead doors allow you to roll down and roll up the door according to your need.

These doors help you save space by eliminating the swing system. These durable doors can easily be made in a size that matches your office’s infrastructure.

Scissor Gates

With a crisscrossed design between the top bar and the bottom bar, scissor gates safeguard various commercial buildings by ensuring intruders cannot enter the building.

Typically used in storefronts, banks, police stations, and other such establishments, these doors are usually made out of exceptional quality steel.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Commercial Door?

Here’s why you should choose commercial doors for your office:

  • Commercial doors offer your building a higher sense of security. Pair your door with additional security locks and bolts to ensure everything inside is safe and sound.
  • Commercial doors are available in various materials, sizes, shapes, and hues to match your business needs. Simply figure out your needs and sift through the broad market to find the perfect match.
  • Commercial doors are manufactured from heavy-duty, premium quality material to ensure durability and longevity. You can count on your commercial door to last for years on end with a bit of maintenance.
  • Commercial doors are made to withstand natural and environmental factors. The right material choice can help you fight off weather elements as well.
  • Commercial doors are typically air-tight; this helps boost energy efficiency within your office and lower utility bills.
  • Commercial doors come at reasonable prices to match your budget.

Final Verdict

According to an in-depth study, the windows and doors market is likely to reach staggering revenue of US$ 215.9 billion, indicating an increasing demand for quality doors and windows.

Your entryway speaks a lot about whom you are and your overall personality. Tailor your commercial door to match your brand’s personality and attract potential customers. Choose between various designs, materials, textures, sizes, and colors to find the perfect match.

Your commercial door is bound to experience a high amount of traffic and day-to-day wear and tear. For this reason, you need to ensure your door is secure as well as visually appealing. Make a visual statement with the perfect commercial door.