Chicago Doors: Beautiful Designs and Innovative Construction to Improve Curb Appeal

Your front door plays a vital role in setting up the first impression. When visitors approach your home, they'll notice whether your door offers a classy vintage look or a luxurious and elegant one.

If you're planning to upgrade your front door, consider standing outside your curb and taking an objective look at your home. Then, contemplate on what you wish to change and brainstorm some ideas.

The fact is that your home's siding, landscaping, roofing, windows, and doors create the overall curb appeal. Renovating all these components may take too long and be too heavy for your budget.

Instead, a good idea is to invest in making a lasting impact by changing your front door. Your front door is also a focal point for your home. Thus, you can make a visual statement through it.

If you're stepping into the market for front doors, you'll find that there's a plethora of styles and materials to choose from. To assist you in your buying decision, we've made a list of details you should keep in mind when purchasing a front door:

Choosing the Material of Your Front Door 

The material of your door has a direct impact on its durability, energy efficiency, maintenance, long-term costs, and security. Let's find out the best material in the market:


The traditional choice for exterior doors, wood makes for a beautiful and captivating front door. Choose from a wide variety of attractive woods, including mahogany, fir, juniper, oak, and so much more!

Add a rustic or vintage look to your home after choosing the ideal wood door. Further, beautify your living space by adding decorations to it.


Fiberglass offers the best of both worlds by mimicking the look of quality wood while providing better functionality.

This weather and temperature-resistant, durable, and low maintenance door boast a wide variety of styling options. You can also choose between exciting colors, textures, and designs.

Plus, an insulated core adds an extra layer of protection against various weather calamities.


A trendy and fantastic door option to look into is steel. This material is super durable and offers unmatched home security.

Provide your home with a contemporary look with the help of a robust steel door. An additional plus of this long-lasting material is that it requires less maintenance.


Famous for its lightweight design and resilience, aluminum is another incredible interior and exterior door option.

This material is moisture and rust-resistant and offers you a plethora of coloring and styling options to choose from. These come at a super affordable price to enhance the beauty of your patio and storm doors.


PVC is becoming more and more popular by the day as homeowners recognize its many advantages. Apart from being lightweight, long-lasting, and energy-efficiency, this affordable door option requires little to no maintenance.

Besides, it's a moisture-resistant and rust-free material. It's also recyclable making it the perfect option for modern homes.

Wrought Iron 

With top-grade safety, wrought iron is a sustainable and super customizable option. This super sturdy door offers protection against severe winds and storms.

Ironworkers will forge your wrought iron door to match your dream design. However, keep in mind that these cost considerably higher.


If you live in a warmer climate, you should consider installing a glass door. Not only do these luxurious front doors offer you a beautiful view of the outside, but it also allows the warm sun rays to enter in your room.

The drawback of this elegant entryway door option is increased maintenance requirements.


Bamboo is a popular flooring and textile option becoming increasingly well-known as an exterior and interior door option.

Composite doors boasting the perfect blend of jute alongside bamboo are water, as well as termite resistant. Moreover, bamboo's biodegradable features make it a popular choice among eco-conscious homeowners.

Choosing Your Front Door Style 

Once you select the material, it's time to draw out what you envision your front door to look like. Some of the top options are:


A modification of the conventional solid hinged door, the craftsman-style door is popular in Craftsman homes.

The straight, traditional lines of these doors remind homeowners of the no-nonsense Quaker roots and add a classic look to your home. The signature craftsman look includes 1 to 3 windows set on the top ⅓ rd of your door. The rest of the entrance boasts a solid, monochromatic hue.


Dutch doors are best for providing your home a rustic and vintage look. These were created to permit air and sunshine inside farmhouses.

These doors are typically designed from quality wood and are often divided horizontally. In this way, the top half can swing open, whereas the rest remains shut.


Contemporary doors are available in a wide variety of materials such as bamboo, steel, and glass.

Their signature look is large yet minimalistic hardware accentuated by clean, straight lines. Homeowners have the liberty to add various, attractive geometric patterns to enhance the look of their home.


Add a little twist to your front door by substituting straight and rectangle doors with an attractive historic and arched door.

Because of their unique and attention-grabbing design, homeowners need to custom order arched doors to ensure they fit their homes.

The Bottom Line

The right front door can help better complement the architectural style and decor of your home. The rest of the finer details of your door depend entirely on personal taste.

The good idea is to go for bold and bright colors that make your entryway look all the livelier. Hues like gold, bright green, ocean blue, a bright orange, and so on can further beautify the look of your home. In contrast, you can opt for a classy black coat notorious for adding a significant amount to your home's worth.

The material of your home can also affect the overall look of your front door. Picking the perfect front door will result in low maintenance, energy efficiency, and smooth operation. The best part? You'll have a luxurious and eye-catching entry that makes an incredible first impression.