Aluminum Wood Doors in Milwaukee: Which to Choose?

Say goodbye to weak and brittle doors that grow loose after a few months of wear, and say hello to beautiful and strong ones. With increased strength, a unique profile, and a wide range of finishes and color, aluminum-clad doors are a fantastic choice.

Beautify the look and feel of your exterior and interior with the help of the perfect aluminum-clad door. These high-quality doors boast various fantastic features, including durability, sustainability, and better insulation to help make your home a better, more efficient place.

Enhance your living space and enjoy choosing between an expanding selection of hardware by stepping into the aluminum-clad wood door market. Let’s discuss in-depth all there is about this incredible door option:

What are Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Timeless beauty with incredible strength, aluminum-clad doors feature the best of both worlds. These excellent doors feature fine craftsmanship and are manufactured from high-quality tech.

The heavy-duty aluminum matched with the strong wood ensures your door is 100% robust and made to last for years on end. The premium quality aluminum on the exterior, matched with beautiful wooden elements, provides a lasting impression.

This unique combination of technology is engineered to produce a distinctive design that adds a creative air to your home. Increase your curb appeal and make your entryways look all the more attractive with well-crafted and appealing aluminum wood doors.

The Pros of Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Here, we discuss the many benefits of installing an aluminum-clad wood door in your exterior and interior frameworks:

Better Security

One of the most significant pros of selecting an aluminum-clad wood door is that you get to enjoy a safe and comfortable home.

Multiple researches show that number of burglaries is increasing day by day. Breaking into an unsecured home is a super easy task and takes no more than a couple of seconds. All your burglar needs is a screwdriver or a chisel, and they’ll be inside.

In fact, in 40% of all cases, the attempt remains. Present-day, an increasing number of homeowners, rely on burglar-resistant doors and windows to stay safe. Luckily, aluminum-clad wood doors offer you this feature naturally.

The robust aluminum paired with a strong wood interior makes it virtually impossible for a robber to break in. Enhance the quality and safety of your life with the help of the ideal door installation. Consider installing additional state-of-the-art features like fingerprint password, barrier locks, bolts, and a well-thought-out innovative system to protect your family, your valuables, and yourself from dangers.

Quality Hinges and Smooth Performance

Get top-tier living spaces as front doors are typically equipped with first-rate quality, elegant, and optimum working roller hinges.

Aluminum clad wood doors are matched with quality hinges to help ensure you can swing open or slide your door smoothly. With modernized systems, these doors make pushing and pulling a door much easier.

Plus, if you select a patio door, you can enjoy access to picturesque views during the different parts of the day.

Durability and Sustainability

Where low maintenance meets incredible durability, aluminum-clad doors allow you to enjoy two of the best features at an affordable price.

This versatile exterior and interior door option can survive stormy, hot, and colder regions, making it the perfect door option. These durable doors perform well in moderate temperatures as well.

The robust aluminum and strong wood ensure your door lasts for years and years. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about extensive maintenance; simply clean your door regularly to enhance its lifespan.

On top of that, aluminum-clad doors are air-tight to ensure better energy efficiency. This way, you can enjoy lowering your energy bills and living in comfy living spaces.

An Array of Attractive Shades

Add beauty to your home by sifting through the millions of coloring options aluminum-clad doors provide you with.

You can choose between various wood types for the interior wood, including mahogany, juniper, oak, and so much more! You can even select multiple wood tints to enhance its look.

On the flip side, you can color your aluminum with various metallic and vibrant hues. Add a burst of color to your entryway by selecting bold colors like metallic silver, metallic blue, metallic maroon, or something pastel such as light pink, blue, and so on.

You can even find solid colors like brown, grey, beige, white, and cream to make your door look classy and elegant.

The Cons of Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Let’s take a look at the less attractive features of an aluminum-clad wood door:

  • Your aluminum-clad wood door may start rusting due to the aluminum exterior being exposed to specific natural and weather elements.
  • There’s also the risk of your aluminum exterior’s paint chipping or scratching off. However, as long as you maintain your door, you won’t have to worry about this.
  • Aluminum is not ideal for areas that experience extreme heat or cold. The wood interior helps minimize this feature of aluminum.
  • Aluminum boasts thermal conductivity that makes your door less efficient in contrast to those made from other materials.
  • Unfortunately, aluminum-clad wood doors wall within the higher price range. Aluminum and wood both are pricey materials, resulting in an equally costly hybrid door.

The Bottom Line

The weather-resistant aluminum covering allows you to enjoy wood’s naturalness without having to invest money and time in heavy maintenance. Aluminum acts as a natural shield against the harsh elements, ensuring that your door lasts many years.

Wood is a highly preferred and quite common construction material. Its strength, aura, and beauty make your home all the more amazing. These incredible qualities, combined with the robustness, longevity, and attractiveness of aluminum features, result in the perfect exterior and interior door.

You can enjoy a thicker, stronger cladding and captivating door that requires little to no maintenance. The versatility and flexibility of these doors allow homeowners to beat the door into any shape, size, or color they want!