Aluminum Wood Doors in Chicago with Excellent Weather Resistance

Making the ideal door choice is no easy task. From the wide range of materials right down to additional safety features, homeowners need to consider various factors to ensure they select the perfect door.

Often, homeowners go for high-quality wood for building structures, interior décor, household goods, and the list goes on. Wood adds depth and beauty to rooms.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to choosing wood doors as well. These robust doors are vulnerable to natural calamities and may start warping due to drastic weather changes. In this way, your door may allow drafts to enter, or insects may eat into it. This can decrease energy efficiency.

Luckily, you don't have to give up these aesthetic and strong doors due to these drawbacks. Why? Because aluminum-clad wood doors combine the best of both worlds to bring you a high-quality door. Let's discuss in-depth the many benefits of choosing this door:

What is an Aluminum Wood Door?

Aluminum-clad wood doors combine the qualities of a wood door with that of aluminum. Here experts pair the timeless beauty of exquisite wood with a low maintenance aluminum clad exterior.

The durable and resilient aluminum protects the corrosion-resistant wood from natural calamities and exposure to insects and rotting.

Moreover, you can customize the natural wood interior with a stain of your choice to match your home's décor. The aluminum exterior is also available in a wide range of vibrant and attention-grabbing hues. These resist fading and last for years, thus enhancing curb appeal.

The Benefits and Advantages of an Aluminum Wood Door

Here's what makes aluminum clad wood doors a popular option among homebuyers and homeowners:

Add Beauty and Luxury to Your Home

Why compromise on the beauty and theme of your home for high-quality material? Luckily, with the help of an aluminum-clad wood door, you can enjoy both.

Get access to an excellent quality door requiring little to no maintenance and made to last for generations by choosing this material. Furthermore, beautify the look and feel of your home by sifting through the millions of colors available.

You can paint the aluminum frame in eye-catching metallic hues of virtually any shade, or you can choose to powder-coat it a vibrant color. Moreover, complement the look of your exteriors with a classic wood finish to ensure an aesthetically pleasing final look.

Low Maintenance

It is nearly impossible to dedicate prolonged hours to maintaining your door in our busy day-to-day schedule. Aluminum-clad wood doors are the perfect solution to your problem. These high-quality doors feature strong wood in the interior and robust aluminum on the outside.

Since the wood is no longer exposed to the harsh elements, it's a lot easier for aluminum to manage natural calamities.

As a result of this, your aluminum-clad wood door requires little to no maintenance. Make sure you purchase a top-tier door from a trustworthy seller. That way, your door will boast heavy-duty materials and breathable paint.

Durable and Sustainable

It's a perfect combination of durable aluminum exteriors and solid wooden interiors. These materials ensure your door has better thermal efficiency, as well as the interior comfort.

In addition, the two strong materials provide incredible structural integrity to ensure a lifetime of reliable and trustworthy performance.

Since the aluminum exterior protects the wood from severe weather changes and damage from insects and decay, you can rest assured your door will survive years of wear and tear. Plus, your door is dent-resistant and corrosion-resistant; both add value to your door.

Improved Efficiency

During the chillier time of the year, homeowners have to worry about rapidly increasing utility bills. With the increase of HVAC systems comes the rise in energy bills. Luckily, aluminum-clad wood doors are super airtight, making them an excellent solution to your problem.

Ensure all of the warmth stays within your room and save costs by installing quality aluminum-clad wood doors.

The different materials utilized to fabricate aluminum clad doors ensure improved efficiency, as well as smoother operation. Swing your door open or slide it depending on the design and style that you choose.

Better Features

Aluminum-clad wood doors combine a wooden interior with a durable aluminum frame on the outside. These are fitted together to provide many exciting features like reducing your carbon footprint and your effects on global warming.

On top of that, this contemporary door material provides you with a significant benefit, i.e., quality. Your aluminum clad door is typically engineered from top-tier craftsmanship matched with revolutionary tech. It ensures no matter the weather Chicago throws at you, you can count on aluminum-clad doors to stand firm.

It is Stronger

Aluminum is one of the strongest, most rigid, and robust materials. When compared to PVC, aluminum doors are stronger and more durable. This material offers better flexibility and is less susceptible to weather and environmental elements.

Moreover, the flexion of a door or window typically exposes it to air and water penetration. Luckily, aluminum-clad wood extrusion boasts slight flexion and better structural integrity. Thus, it's a superior option for those living in Chicago.

On top of that, the warm material of wood is pretty strong and made to last years. This complements the heavy-duty aluminum around it, ultimately ensuring that your door is robust and sustainable.

To Sum it Up

If you want to enjoy the timeless beauty of wood alongside the easy maintenance of aluminum, you should consider installing an aluminum wood door.

These high-quality doors are available in a wide range of styles, varying from geometric to the casement. Moreover, you can paint the aluminum exterior and the wood interior in a vibrant shade to match your home's décor.

Aluminum clad doors boast a fantastic lifespan due to two highly resilient materials (aluminum has a life expectancy of 45 years!). Accentuate the beauty of your home with the help of architecturally pleasing aluminum-clad doors.